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What Type of Portable Generator You Should Buy

What Type of Portable Generator Should You Buy?

Many difficult tasks can be made much easier with the help of a portable generator. In many cases, a generator can play a key role in powering the tools or workspace you’ll be using. More often than not, you won’t be able to get the job done without a generator. Before you head out and buy one, it’s essential that you choose the right one. After all, there are several different types of generators. You want to make sure you’re making the right investment so you don’t waste time and money on a product that won’t serve your needs.

Joe Blair Garden Supply has provided some important considerations that you should have in mind when deciding on what type of generator to buy. If you have further questions or you’re interested in checking out our inventory, stop by our dealership in Miami, Florida!


Honda Generator on Work SiteThere are plenty of reasons that buyers choose to invest in portable generators over standby generators. The most popular reason is that portable generators offer a level of convenience that simply cannot be beaten by standby models. Additionally, portable generators tend to be the more affordable option. In fact, the difference can sometimes be in the thousands of dollars.

While it might be easy to look at this option and think that your decision will be a no-brainer, choosing a generator isn’t only about finding the cheapest option. You’ll still be spending a substantial amount of money, so it’s important to make the right choice. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on this investment and then price the type that you’re interested in. if there’s a disconnect, you’ll either need to expand your budget or find a more creative way to power your project.


Man starting car battery with EU1000iAnother concern you should have in mind is size. You shouldn’t determine a size based on how much room you’re willing to spare for your generator. Instead, make room for the generator size that you need in order to use it safely and efficiently. Portable generators will be a bit smaller by nature because large generators aren’t exactly portable, even when you add wheels. Remember that it’s typically okay to have more than enough power, but the reverse will leave you lacking the wattage you need for your project.


Large Honda GeneratorSpeaking of wattage, this should be one of your main concerns when deciding on a generator. You’ll need to know how much power you require in order to choose a model that’s suitable for your project. Prepare yourself, because this does call for a bit of math. First, make note of all the machines and tools you want your generator to power. Next, take down the number of watts required to power these particular devices. Then, bump that number up a bit and consider this the bare minimum for the wattage that you’ll need. Why bump up the number? When you turn on a device, it uses more energy to start up before it settles down to the amount of power it actually needs to run. For instance, a machine that requires 800 watts might actually use around 1200 to get started. If you sell yourself too short, your device isn’t going to turn on.


Honda EU2200i Close upOne last consideration you’ll want to make is regarding how you plan to power your portable generator. Some of the most popular choices include propane, gasoline, diesel, and solar power. Propane and gasoline are often the preferred choices for families or occasional recreational or emergency use. These options are fairly easy to find and tend to be cheaper than the alternatives when you only plan to use it here and there. Diesel is typically the most efficient option because it burns slower. If you don’t use your generator very much, this could be a good choice.

Solar power is the more sustainable solution, but it can also leave you less tied down to the developed world if you happen to be an adventurous traveler. Don’t forget that you’ll need reliable access to sunlight to make this choice work for you. At the end of the day, many buyers choose a hybrid option so that if access to one fuel type is lost, they’re not stuck with a generator that won’t run.

Ready to start checking out all your options? Be sure to swing by Joe Blair Garden Supply in Miami, Florida to start browsing portable generators for sale. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have so you can choose the right option for your needs.