Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sat: 7:30 a.m. - Noon Sun: Closed

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

Lawn Tractor Battery Service

Lawn Tractor Blade Sharpening

Lawn Tractor Hydraulic Service

Lawn Tractor Mower Deck Service

Lawn Tractor Oil Change

Lawn Tractor Starter Service

Lawn Tractor Tire Repair/Replacement

Power Washer Pump Service

Pre-Season Inspection

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Belt Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Blade Sharpening

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Cable Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Oil Change

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Starter Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Tune-Up

Trimmer Head Replacement

Zero-Turn Battery Service

Zero-Turn Blade Sharpening

Zero-Turn Hyrdaulic Service

Zero-Turn Mower Deck Service

Zero-Turn Starter Service

Zero-Turn Tire Repair/Replacement

The Joe Blair Garden Supply team sells, distributes, and repairs outdoor power equipment as well as supplies garden tools, fertilizers, and pest remedies for the home gardener and the commercial landscaper. Joe Blair Garden Supply celebrates its origins and the values that have built and sustained a Miami small business for over 85 years. We are committed to excellent service and strive for the best experience possible for customers who choose to do business with us. Every customer is greeted with a smile and no matter how big or small the order, everyone is treated with the same appreciation and respect. Stop by soon and let Joe Blair Garden Supply help you with all your lawn and garden needs.